Jewels Temple Quest

Jewels Temple Quest for Windows

Great free jewel matching game

In this game, you must match jewels and recue the fairy with the wizard Annie from witches.

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  • Full of surprises.
  • Addictive game play.


  • Download issues after level 60.
  • Award system needs more explanation.

In this game, you must match jewels and recue the fairy with the wizard Annie from witches.

Diamond, Ruby’s Emeralds, the lot!

Are you going to become one of the millions of players that think Jewels temple Quest is a brilliant, fantastic and addictive game. It is after all, the undisputed number one jewel adventure game available on Windows Store. You start in classic matching mode in challenging diamond games and then move on to create wonderful cascades and then bask in their shining glory. This is a very addictive game that has got many a folk hooked. Lots of children love playing this game as it keeps them engaged for a very long time, it’s fun for all ages. It’s a classic matching game with a twist, there are lots and lots of bonuses to be won and fantastical kingdoms with unlimited numbers of levels to champion. And with every crush, you create another wonderful cascade.

It’s one way to keep busy and fill time, for sure

There are powerful boosters and power ups to utilise which add to the entertaining nature of this highly addictive and fun game. Simply match 3 jewels or more and you will remove diamonds from off the board. Then match 4 diamonds and you will create power ups in order to make cascade effects. Then match 5 diamonds and create mega boosters. You must remove diamonds in all the games. Ultimately you must defeat the bad guys and let goodness be the victor!

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Jewels Temple Quest


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